News from the NST Team


Stipend for Cristian Axenie

Leonhard-Lorenz-Foundation, Cristian Axenie received 1000 EUR for building material support in his PhD! Congratulations![more]


Papers accepted at ICANN 2013

Three papers accepted at ICANN 2013, congratulations to Christian Denk, Cristian Axenie, Yulia Sandamirskaya, and all co-authors![more]


Cristian Axenie invited to Telluride 2013

Cristian selected in a highly competitive process as participant of the 2013 Neuromorphic Engineering Workshop in Telluride, funded by the EU CSN. Congratulations![more]


Capo Caccia 2013

NST participates in the Capo Caccia Workshop on Neuromorphic Engineering which goes from 29. April to 11. May.[more]


Paper accepted at ICVS 2013

Paper accepted in “the 9th international conference on computer vision”, ICVS 2013! Congratulations to David Weikersdorfer and all co-authors![more]


Cristian Axenie now CSN Fellow

Cristian Axenie selected as recipient of CSN Fellowship for the 2013 Capo Caccia Workshop on Neuromorphic Engineering[more]