Think.Make.Start.#6: Computer Vision, Augmented Reality, Water-, and Brain-Waves


Think.Make.Start#6 just ended with a spectacular Demo Day on Tuesday night. It was probably the most high-tech edition so far: AR, ML, CV, EEG, Cryptography and more were all used to good purpose! We had automatic traffic monitoring, EEG-based drowsiness detection, entertainment systems for seniors, origami back packs, the basic building box for the sharing economy, remote controlled pain killers and more!

The awards this time:
Think, the audience award - given by our very own Martina: Ampelligence, a life-saving intelligent traffic light warning car drivers when it sees cyclists approaching.
Make, for most advanced prototype - given by Vincenzo from the University of Torino, Italy: Intonar, an interactive system revolutionizing the piano learning experience using augmented reality.
Start, for most promising Startup - given by Lasse from the Technical University of Denmark: Anchora, an accurate and reliable anchor guard keeping boats and crew safe on stormy seas. 

Thanks to all the great participants and supporters! The next edition is in March 2018. If you want to apply, stay tuned on or