Picture of Matthias Kissel

M.Sc. Matthias Kissel

Technical University of Munich

Chair of Data Processing (Prof. Diepold)

Postal address

Arcisstr. 21
80333 München

Research interests:

  • Spiking Neural Networks
  • Neuromorphic Hardware (such as SpiNNaker)
  • Computer Vision
  • Autonomous Control

Short Biography:

  • Since 11/2017: PhD candidate at Neuroscientific System Theory, TUM
  • 08/2016-01/2017: Semester abroad at University of Wisconsin in Madison (US)
  • 11/2015-02/2016: Junior Research Assistant at TUM CREATE Ltd. (Singapore)
  • 10/2015-10/2017: Mechanical Engineering and Management (Master of Science) at TUM
  • 10/2012-09/2015: Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor of Science) at TUM