Dipl.-Inf. Nicolai Waniek

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Technical University of Munich

Assistant Professorship of Neuroscientific System Theory (Prof. Conradt)

Postal address

Karlstraße 45-47
80333 München

I prefer PGP encrypted mail. You can find my public key here.

Research Interests

  • Computational Neuroscience; special focus on
    • Spatial navigation
    • Visual Perception
  • Computer Vision for real-time and high-performance scenarios
  • Graphical models and probabilistic inference
  • Multi-agent systems, distributed artificial intelligence, and distributed machine learning
  • Procedural generation, self-organization, and self-construction
  • Distributed and massively parallel computing 

Short Biography

Office Hours

  • Please contact me in advance by e-mail
  • Have a look here for theses suggestions



List of Publications




Journal Articles

  • Mulas, M.; Waniek, N.; Conradt, J.: Hebbian plasticity realigns grid cell activity with external sensory cues in continuous attractor models. Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience 10 (13), 2016 more… BibTeX Full text (DOI)


Peer Reviewed Conference Papers


Peer Reviewed Conference Papers

  • Araújo, R.; Waniek, N.; Conradt, J.: Development of a Dynamically Extendable SpiNNaker Chip Computing Module. International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks (ICANN), Hamburg, Germany, 2014, 821-828 more… BibTeXFull text (mediaTUM)
  • Waniek, N.; Bremer, S.; Conradt, J.: Real-Time Anomaly Detection with a Growing Neural Gas. International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks (ICANN), Hamburg, Germany, 2014, 97-104 more… BibTeXFull text (mediaTUM)



  • Waniek, N.; Denk, C.; Conradt, J.: GRIDMAP – From brains to technical implementations. Bernstein Conference on Computational Neuroscience, Tübingen, 2013 more… BibTeX
  • Waniek, N.; Conradt, J.: GRIDMAP – From brains to technical implementations. Bernstein Sparks Workshop on NeuroEngineering, Tutzing 2013 more… BibTeX

Supervision / Tutor

Please have a look here if you're looking for available thesis proposals. Found an interesting proposal there or you have your own thesis idea and would like to have me as your supervisor? Feel free to contact me then!

MA: Multi Object Tracking based on Deep Learning for Traffic Participants (extern) Bernhard Birkner 2018
MA: Spatial navigation and trajectory selection in a multi-transition system usingreinforcement learning Kevin Kuonath 2017
FP: Julian Eder 2000
BA: Scale Space Descriptors for Spatial Navigation Francois Aubet 2017
MA: Numerical Analysis of Spiking Networks for Pattern-Transition Learning Robin Kusterer 2017
IP: Event-based vision on Mobile Robotics Francois Aubet 2017
MA: Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks for Determining Kinematic Quantities of Vehicles (extern) Moritz Venator 2017
BA: Multi-Scale Particle Filter Florian Kettner 2017
MA: Modeling and Design of Hybrid CMOS-Memristive Neuromorphic Systems for STDP Implementations (extern) Igor Krawczuk 2016
MA: Distributed Routing with a Hybrid Data Structure Edvarts Berzs 2016
BA: Event-Based Graph Cuts Johannes von Stetten 2016
BA: Grid cell network decoding for robot localization Alexander Jesipow 2016
HS: Cooperative Mapping Algorithms Ee Heng Chen 2016
PP: Grid Cell Aided SOM Sequences Robin Kusterer 2016
FP: Characterization of ReRam cells (extern) Igor Krawczuk 2016
FP: Fast event-based edge computation and detection Martin Patz 2016
FP: Implementations of Sequences in Hippocampal Networks Robin Kusterer 2016
HS: Sequence Storage and Prediction in Hippocampal Cells Robin Kusterer 2016
HS: Distributed Graph Algorithms Edvarts Berzs 2016
BA: Slow Feature Analysis for Robots Conrad Helminger 2015
BA: Datasets and a unified systems for the evaluation of optic flow from event based data Florian Scherer 2015
HS: Parallel Data Structures Christoph Allig 2015
PP: Improving the GPGPU Factor Graph Implementation Martin Patz, Michael Gaus 2015
PP: Optic Flow for DVS David Adrian, Johannes Rausch, Adam Kosiorek 2015
PP: A goal-directed navigation model for robots Michael Lutter, Tim Stahl, Timo Oess 2015
FP: Psychophysical Studies with an Oculus Rift and Silicon Retinas Felix Bernhard, Richard Kurle, Nicolas Scheiner 2015
FP: Goal-directed navigation by Distributed Reinforcement Learning for PushBots Johannes Biedermann 2015
MA: Development of a high level real-time control system for an electro-mechanical CPR device (extern) Michael Riesch 2015
HS: Field Computation Igor Krawczuk 2015
HS: Molecular Computation Menelik Vero 2015
HS: Hierarchical Growing Neural Gas Jan Ehrensperger 2015
PP: Miniature Camera Hardware and Software Enrico Boner, Florian Naumann 2015
PP: Oculus Rift for Psychophysical Studies Felix Bernhard, Richard Kurle, Nicolas Scheiner 2015
PP: Robot Chain Johannes Biedermann, Dominik Luber 2015
IP: Oculus Rift eDVS for psychophysical experiments Huaijiang Zhu 2014
IP: Oculus Rift eDVS for psychophysical experiments Zhejun Zhang 2014
BA: Hand Gesture based control concept for a natural and robust Human Machine Interface Florian Marchner 2014
PP: Chain of small robots, controlled by a smartphone Damia Viana, Jose Alberto 2014
FP: Recurrent Optic Flow Estimation for the eDVS Vilim Stih 2014
MA: Single Chip SpiNNaker System Rui Araujo 2014
HS: Amorphous Computing Manxiu Zhan 2014
PP: Evaluation of Miniaturized Inertial-Measurement-Units Klaus Wackerbarth, Thomas Wildgruber, Xinhua Liao 2014
BA: Anomaly Detection with Event-Based Vision: Detection of Broken Cogwheels in a Running System Simon Bremer 2013
BA: Autonomous stereo eDVS on mobile Robots for Distance Learning Enrico Boner 2013
HS: Explorative Path Planning Jasper Friedrichs 2013
PP: Ball Balancing Robot Yiliang Liu, Li Chao 2013
MA: Event-based Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Raoul Hoffmann 2013


DA: Diploma Thesis, MA: Master's Thesis, BA: Bachelor's Thesis, RP: Research Project, PP: Project Course, HS: Advanced Seminar)