Studentische Arbeiten

Neben den angebotenen Abschlussarbeiten können Sie auch mit eigenen Ideenvorschlägen auf uns zukommen. Bitte kontaktieren Sie hierfür den entsprechenden Mitarbeiter, der von der Forschungsrichtung am ehesten zu ihrer Projektidee passt.

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laufende & abgeschlossene Arbeiten

laufende Arbeiten
MA: Multi Object Tracking based on Deep Learning for Traffic Participants (extern) Bernhard Birkner Nicolai Waniek, TruongLe
MA: Decoding of EEG Brain Signals Using Recurrent Neural Networks Juri Fedjaev Zied Tayeb, Lukas Everding, Christoph Richter
BA: Pitch Detection Using Neuromorphic Hardware Julian RuB Christoph Richter
BA: SpikeLink - an extensible AER hub based on a multi-core microcontroller Nesrin Ahmed Christoph Richter
MA: Probabilistische interaktionsbewusste Trajektorienpradiktion fur Autobahnsituationen (extern) Michael Schmid Florian Mirus, Leopold Walkling
MA: NeuCube Spiking Neural Network Algorithm for EEG Signals Decoding on SpiNNaker Neuromorphic Hardware Jan Behrenbeck Zied Tayeb
MA: Spatial navigation and trajectory selection in a multi-transition system usingreinforcement learning Kevin Kuonath Nicolai Waniek
MA: Learning a visual-semantic vector vocabulary for automotive environment modelling (extern) Robert Darius Florian Mirus
abgeschlossene Arbeiten
MA: Implementation of an STDP-based spiking deep neural network on SpiNNaker Matthias Kissel Emeç Erçelik, Christoph Richter
BA: Actuation, Sensing, and Control of the Thumb for a Soft Wearable Robotic Hand Exoskeleton (extern) Jan Brüdigam Jörg Conradt
MA: Event-based optical-flow for autonomous driving using synthetic sensory data from an open-source simulator Konstatin Ritt Florian Mirus, Christoph Richter
MA: Implementation of a Real-Time Liquid State Machine on SpiNNaker for Biomimetic Robot Control (extern) Nicolas Berberich Jörg Conradt, Florian Röhrbein
MA: Development of a Modular Interface for Myorobotics Actuator Control using Predicted EMG Muscle Activity (extern) Alona Kharchenko Christoph Richter, Zied Tayeb
BA: A low-power embedded Dynamic Vision System Julian Eder Jörg Conradt, Zied Tayeb
MA: Advanced Detectors and Networks for the detection of distinct object classes in traffic scenarios (extern) Johannes Truong-Le Lukas Everding
MA: Decoding of 3D Reach and Grasp Movements from Non-invasive EEG Signals using SpiNNaker Neuromorphic Hardware Leonard Rychly Zied Tayeb, Emeç Erçelik
BA: Scale Space Descriptors for Spatial Navigation Francois Aubet Nicolai Waniek
MA: Numerical Analysis of Spiking Networks for Pattern-Transition Learning Robin Kusterer Nicolai Waniek
MA: Adaptive Real Time Estimation of Precise Vehicle Trajectories (extern) Franz Pucher Jörg Conradt
BA: Deep Learning for Continuous Control Maximilian-Alexander Knaller Michael Lutter
MA: Active dynamic vision based on micro-saccades Korbinian Randl Christoph Richter
MA: Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks for Determining Kinematic Quantities of Vehicles (extern) Moritz Venator Nicolai Waniek
MA: Bayesian Computation in Recurrent Neural Circuits, a Neuro-Control Approach Thomas Larasser Mohsen Firouzi
BA: Multi-Scale Particle Filter Florian Kettner Nicolai Waniek
BA: Stereo matching neural network on TrueNorth Christian Widderich Lukas Everding, Christoph Richter
BA: DVS event stream registration Maximilian Galanis Lukas Everding
MA: Modeling and Design of Hybrid CMOS-Memristive Neuromorphic Systems for STDP Implementations (extern) Igor Krawczuk Nicolai Waniek
BA: sPyNNaker-ROS Interface for Neurorobotics Stephan Reith Christoph Richter
BA: Evaluation and validation of a motion-cued attention network using a Robot-Head platform Ahmet Koyuncu Mohsen Firouzi
MA: Distributed Routing with a Hybrid Data Structure Edvarts Berzs Nicolai Waniek
BA: A probabilistic method for event stream registration Florian Kälber Lukas Everding
BA: Event-Based Graph Cuts Johannes von Stetten Nicolai Waniek, Lukas Everding
BA: Developing a window-based stereovision algorithm for silicon retinas Tobias Ly-Ky Lukas Everding
BA: Grid cell network decoding for robot localization Alexander Jesipow Marcello Mulas, Nicolai Waniek
BA: Embedded Neuromorphic Quadrotor Position Control for Rescue Missions Philipp Brandtner Cristian Axenie
BA: 360deg-orientation recognition using Dynamic Vision Sensors Simon Alois Abler Lukas Everding
BA: Event-Based Stereovision with Spiking Neural Networks (extern) Georgi Dikov Christoph Richter, Mohsen Firouzi
MA: Scalable implementation of a neural signal processing algorithm on spike-based programmable hardware Georg Richter Viviane Ghaderi
BA: System Integration and Evaluation of a Wearable Mobility Aid for the Blind Lennart Walger Viviane Ghaderi
MA: Optimizing personalized 3D soundscape for a wearable mobility aid for the blind Alexis Guibourge Viviane Ghaderi
MA: Proprioceptive Pose Estimation of a Robotic Gripper Using Artificial Skin (extern) Mark Hartenstein Christoph Richter
BA: Slow Feature Analysis for Robots Conrad Helminger Nicolai Waniek
BA: Datasets and a unified systems for the evaluation of optic flow from event based data Florian Scherer Nicolai Waniek, Lukas Everding
BA: Cortically Inspired Quadrotor 3D Motion Estimation Sebastian Requena Witzig Cristian Axenie
MA: Development of a high level real-time control system for an electro-mechanical CPR device (extern) Michael Riesch Nicolai Waniek
MA: Deep Learning on a Million Core Computer Tobias Brennich Christoph Richter
MA: Neural-controlled Stereoscopic Vision System Manxiu Zhan Marcello Mulas
BA: Unsupervised Learning of Sensory Correlations for Robotics Benedict Simlinger Cristian Axenie
MA: Processing of Event-based Stereoscopic Visual Information for Visual-to-Auditory Sensory Substitution Vinícius Felisberto Marcello Mulas
MA: Embedded Factor Graph for Controlling a Low-Cost Robotics Arm Xinhua Liao Indar Sugiarto
BA: Hand Gesture based control concept for a natural and robust Human Machine Interface Florian Marchner Nicolai Waniek
BA: Stimulus-Driven visual attention Michael Truong Le Mohsen Firouzi
MA: Cortically Inspired Sensor Fusion for Quadrotor Attitude Control Florian Bergner Cristian Axenie
MA: Single Chip SpiNNaker System Rui Araujo Nicolai Waniek, Jörg Conradt
DA: SOM based Sensor Fusion Algorithm for Quadrotor Hover Maximilian Wenger Cristian Axenie
BA: Development of a Depth-Augmented Dynamic Vision Sensor for 3D SLAM David Adrian David Weikersdorfer
BA: Anomaly Detection with Event-Based Vision: Detection of Broken Cogwheels in a Running System Simon Bremer Nicolai Waniek
BA: Autonomous stereo eDVS on mobile Robots for Distance Learning Enrico Boner Nicolai Waniek
MA: Event-based Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Raoul Hoffmann David Weikersdorfer, Nicolai Waniek
DA: SpiNNaker Interface Francisco Llobet Blandino Indar Sugiarto

(DA: Diplomarbeit, MA: Masterarbeit, BA: Bachelorarbeit)