Student Practicals

Here you get information about current and open projects for student research practicals (D: "Forschungspraxis", Master) and student engineering practicals (D: "Ingenieurspraxis", Bachelor).

You are always welcome to suggest topics besides the listed proposals. If you have a topic suggestion, please contact the team member whose field of research most likely fits your project proposal.



ongoing & finished projects

FP: Event-based Corner Detectors Florian Kälber Lukas Everding
FP: Spike-based EEG decoding on a portable neuromorphic system Christian Widderich Zied Tayeb, Christoph Richter
FP: Roboy (extern) Hoai My Van Alexander Kuhn
FP: (extern) Christopher Kuhn Florian Walter
IP: Compliant robotic arm control with reinforcement learning Philipp Fuchs Emeç Erçelik
FP: Julian Eder Nicolai Waniek
IDP: Semi-frameless gepulste Stereoskopie auf neuromorpher Hardware Georgi Dikov Christoph Richter
FP: Embedded Platform for Reactive and Predictive Maintenance Hamza Mattoussi Christoph Richter
IP: Mixed-Signal-Validierung von Spannungsreglem (extern) Florian Hartmann Jörg Conradt
FP: (extern) Abdallah Alashqar Michael Dorr
FP: (extern) Raja Judeh Michael Dorr
FP: (extern) Raja Judeh Jörg/ Michael Dorr
FP: (extern) Abdallah Alashqar Jörg/ Michael Dorr
FP: Data analysis of in vivo recordings from the visual cortex (extern) Yue Wu Jörg Conradt
FP: Numerical signal evaluation systems for (bio-) chemical sensors (extern) Manoj Rohit Vemparala Christoph Richter
IP: Towards Tendon force measurement on tendon-bone interface (extern) Vsevolod Zhukov Raphael Dürscheid
FP: Real-time robot arm control using motor imaginary movements decoded from EEG signals Juri Fedjaev Zied Tayeb
FP: Reinforcement Learning within the Neurorobotics Platform Christian Lenk Michael Lutter
FP: Gesture recognition for the control of an edutainment robot (extern) Jan Behrenbeck Jörg Conradt
FP: Big Data und Künstliche Intelligenz in der Anlagentechnik (extern) Bernhard Birkner Jörg Conradt
FP: SpiNNaker I/O Board Andrew Parsons Michael Lutter, Emeç Erçelik
IP: Event-based vision on Mobile Robotics Francois Aubet Nicolai Waniek
IP: Improved Spiking Stereo Matching on a Low-Power Neurocomputer Christian Widderich Christoph Richter
IP: Design a support system for ROBOY´s test legs (extern) Ricardo Chavez Rosas Raphael Dürscheid
IDP: NeuroCatch - Fast visual servoing using a retina inspired camera and an anthropomimetic arm Juri Kuhn Christoph Richter
IDP: Implementation of a Spiking Neural Network Simulator for the Epiphany Multicore Architecture (extern) Johannes Klein Christoph Richter
FP: Event-based Vision for High-speed Self-driving Vehicles: Event-Based Tracking Algorithm Development Florian Schönleitner Cristian Axenie
IP: Erstellung und Bewertung eines mobilen Roboters Julian Eder Jörg Conradt
IP: Wirkkettenpruefplatz (extern) Jan Brüdigam Jörg Conradt
FP: System zur Aufnahme von Stereo-DVS Ground-truth-Datensätzen Lennart Walger Lukas Everding
FP: ROS interface for NST RobotHead Korbinian Randl Christoph Richter
IP: Event-based Vision for High-speed Self-driving Vehicles: Android Infrastructure Development Kabir Bakovic Cristian Axenie
FP: Characterization of ReRam cells (extern) Igor Krawczuk Nicolai Waniek
FP: Fast event-based edge computation and detection Martin Patz Nicolai Waniek
FP: Implementations of Sequences in Hippocampal Networks Robin Kusterer Nicolai Waniek
IP: System zur Aufnahme von Stereo-DVS Ground-truth-Datensätzen Max Stephan Lukas Everding
IP: dynamic balancing of musculoskeletal humanoid robot in Roboy Lab (extern) Sungkyu Lee Raphael Dürscheid
IP: Dynamic balancing of biped robot with machine learning (extern) Sejoong Yang Raphael Dürscheid
FP: Psychophysical Studies with an Oculus Rift and Silicon Retinas Felix Bernhard, Richard Kurle, Nicolas Scheiner Nicolai Waniek
FP: Goal-directed navigation by Distributed Reinforcement Learning for PushBots Johannes Biedermann Nicolai Waniek
IP: Cortically Inspired Mobile Robot SLAM Armin Pribbernow Cristian Axenie
IP: Mobile Robot Egomotion Estimation in Neuromorphic Hardware Benedict Simlinger, Simon Trendel Cristian Axenie
IP: Mitarbeit am Projekt Neuroglasses Sebastian Nagl Viviane Ghaderi
IP: Konzepterstellung und Realisierung der Qualitätsverbesserung Vakuumverguss (extern) Stefan Naßl Jörg Conradt
IDP: MuscleARoboy - Augmented Reality-basierte Muskelvisualisierung eines Muskel-Sehnen-Roboters Markus Schlaffer Christoph Richter
FP: Disentangling Mossy Fibers: Layout of Sensor-Input in Real and Simulated Cerebella Ally Malima Christoph Richter
IP: Oculus Rift eDVS for psychophysical experiments Huaijiang Zhu Nicolai Waniek
IP: Oculus Rift eDVS for psychophysical experiments Zhejun Zhang Nicolai Waniek
IP: ArtisSim (extern) Matthias Kreileder Jörg Conradt
FP: Recurrent Optic Flow Estimation for the eDVS Vilim Stih Nicolai Waniek
SA: Optic Flow SpiNNaker Robot Matthias Meiner Cristian Denk
FP: MyKeepOn Hacking Fabian Hirt Cristian Denk
SA: Neural Network Stereo IP Camera Tracking Felix Ebert Cristian Axenie
IP: Equipping a robot with omnidirectional depth perception Christian Lück David Weikersdorfer, Cristian Axenie
IP: On-board event based processing algorithms for aps-eDVS Simon Bremer Cristian Axenie
FP: Mini Mobile Robot with eDVS for Education Rui Araujo Cristian Denk
IP: Motorsteuerung Alex Söhn Jörg Conradt
IP: Development of a lightweight miniature camera with on-board image processing capabilities Enrico Boner Jörg Conradt
FP: Embedded ArDrone Stabilization using eDVS Optic Flow Florian Bergner Cristian Axenie
IP: Motorregelung Tobias Brennich Jörg Conradt
IP: Design und Evaluation von Propeller-Motor-Systemen für Mini-Quadrocopter Florian Gross Jörg Conradt
IP: Lens Design Evaluation Ermin Sakic Jörg Conradt

(FP: Research Practical, IP: Engineering Practical, IDP: InterDisciplinary Project, SA: Semester Project)