Student Theses

You are always welcome to suggest theses topics besides the listed topic proposals. If you have a topic suggestion, please contact the relevant team member whose field of research most likely fits your project proposal.


ongoing & finished theses

MA: Multi Object Tracking based on Deep Learning for Traffic Participants (extern) Bernhard Birkner Nicolai Waniek, TruongLe
MA: Decoding of EEG Brain Signals Using Recurrent Neural Networks Juri Fedjaev Zied Tayeb, Lukas Everding, Christoph Richter
BA: Pitch Detection Using Neuromorphic Hardware Julian RuB Christoph Richter
BA: SpikeLink - an extensible AER hub based on a multi-core microcontroller Nesrin Ahmed Christoph Richter
MA: Probabilistische interaktionsbewusste Trajektorienpradiktion fur Autobahnsituationen (extern) Michael Schmid Florian Mirus, Leopold Walkling
MA: NeuCube Spiking Neural Network Algorithm for EEG Signals Decoding on SpiNNaker Neuromorphic Hardware Jan Behrenbeck Zied Tayeb
MA: Spatial navigation and trajectory selection in a multi-transition system usingreinforcement learning Kevin Kuonath Nicolai Waniek
MA: Learning a visual-semantic vector vocabulary for automotive environment modelling (extern) Robert Darius Florian Mirus
MA: Implementation of an STDP-based spiking deep neural network on SpiNNaker Matthias Kissel Emeç Erçelik, Christoph Richter
BA: Actuation, Sensing, and Control of the Thumb for a Soft Wearable Robotic Hand Exoskeleton (extern) Jan Brüdigam Jörg Conradt
MA: Event-based optical-flow for autonomous driving using synthetic sensory data from an open-source simulator Konstatin Ritt Florian Mirus, Christoph Richter
MA: Implementation of a Real-Time Liquid State Machine on SpiNNaker for Biomimetic Robot Control (extern) Nicolas Berberich Jörg Conradt, Florian Röhrbein
MA: Development of a Modular Interface for Myorobotics Actuator Control using Predicted EMG Muscle Activity (extern) Alona Kharchenko Christoph Richter, Zied Tayeb
BA: A low-power embedded Dynamic Vision System Julian Eder Jörg Conradt, Zied Tayeb
MA: Advanced Detectors and Networks for the detection of distinct object classes in traffic scenarios (extern) Johannes Truong-Le Lukas Everding
MA: Decoding of 3D Reach and Grasp Movements from Non-invasive EEG Signals using SpiNNaker Neuromorphic Hardware Leonard Rychly Zied Tayeb, Emeç Erçelik
BA: Scale Space Descriptors for Spatial Navigation Francois Aubet Nicolai Waniek
MA: Numerical Analysis of Spiking Networks for Pattern-Transition Learning Robin Kusterer Nicolai Waniek
MA: Adaptive Real Time Estimation of Precise Vehicle Trajectories (extern) Franz Pucher Jörg Conradt
BA: Deep Learning for Continuous Control Maximilian-Alexander Knaller Michael Lutter
MA: Active dynamic vision based on micro-saccades Korbinian Randl Christoph Richter
MA: Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks for Determining Kinematic Quantities of Vehicles (extern) Moritz Venator Nicolai Waniek
MA: Bayesian Computation in Recurrent Neural Circuits, a Neuro-Control Approach Thomas Larasser Mohsen Firouzi
BA: Multi-Scale Particle Filter Florian Kettner Nicolai Waniek
BA: Stereo matching neural network on TrueNorth Christian Widderich Lukas Everding, Christoph Richter
BA: DVS event stream registration Maximilian Galanis Lukas Everding
MA: Modeling and Design of Hybrid CMOS-Memristive Neuromorphic Systems for STDP Implementations (extern) Igor Krawczuk Nicolai Waniek
BA: sPyNNaker-ROS Interface for Neurorobotics Stephan Reith Christoph Richter
BA: Evaluation and validation of a motion-cued attention network using a Robot-Head platform Ahmet Koyuncu Mohsen Firouzi
MA: Distributed Routing with a Hybrid Data Structure Edvarts Berzs Nicolai Waniek
BA: A probabilistic method for event stream registration Florian Kälber Lukas Everding
BA: Event-Based Graph Cuts Johannes von Stetten Nicolai Waniek, Lukas Everding
BA: Developing a window-based stereovision algorithm for silicon retinas Tobias Ly-Ky Lukas Everding
BA: Grid cell network decoding for robot localization Alexander Jesipow Marcello Mulas, Nicolai Waniek
BA: Embedded Neuromorphic Quadrotor Position Control for Rescue Missions Philipp Brandtner Cristian Axenie
BA: 360deg-orientation recognition using Dynamic Vision Sensors Simon Alois Abler Lukas Everding
BA: Event-Based Stereovision with Spiking Neural Networks (extern) Georgi Dikov Christoph Richter, Mohsen Firouzi
MA: Scalable implementation of a neural signal processing algorithm on spike-based programmable hardware Georg Richter Viviane Ghaderi
BA: System Integration and Evaluation of a Wearable Mobility Aid for the Blind Lennart Walger Viviane Ghaderi
MA: Optimizing personalized 3D soundscape for a wearable mobility aid for the blind Alexis Guibourge Viviane Ghaderi
MA: Proprioceptive Pose Estimation of a Robotic Gripper Using Artificial Skin (extern) Mark Hartenstein Christoph Richter
BA: Slow Feature Analysis for Robots Conrad Helminger Nicolai Waniek
BA: Datasets and a unified systems for the evaluation of optic flow from event based data Florian Scherer Nicolai Waniek, Lukas Everding
BA: Cortically Inspired Quadrotor 3D Motion Estimation Sebastian Requena Witzig Cristian Axenie
MA: Development of a high level real-time control system for an electro-mechanical CPR device (extern) Michael Riesch Nicolai Waniek
MA: Deep Learning on a Million Core Computer Tobias Brennich Christoph Richter
MA: Neural-controlled Stereoscopic Vision System Manxiu Zhan Marcello Mulas
BA: Unsupervised Learning of Sensory Correlations for Robotics Benedict Simlinger Cristian Axenie
MA: Processing of Event-based Stereoscopic Visual Information for Visual-to-Auditory Sensory Substitution Vinícius Felisberto Marcello Mulas
MA: Embedded Factor Graph for Controlling a Low-Cost Robotics Arm Xinhua Liao Indar Sugiarto
BA: Hand Gesture based control concept for a natural and robust Human Machine Interface Florian Marchner Nicolai Waniek
BA: Stimulus-Driven visual attention Michael Truong Le Mohsen Firouzi
MA: Cortically Inspired Sensor Fusion for Quadrotor Attitude Control Florian Bergner Cristian Axenie
MA: Single Chip SpiNNaker System Rui Araujo Nicolai Waniek, Jörg Conradt
DA: SOM based Sensor Fusion Algorithm for Quadrotor Hover Maximilian Wenger Cristian Axenie
BA: Development of a Depth-Augmented Dynamic Vision Sensor for 3D SLAM David Adrian David Weikersdorfer
BA: Anomaly Detection with Event-Based Vision: Detection of Broken Cogwheels in a Running System Simon Bremer Nicolai Waniek
BA: Autonomous stereo eDVS on mobile Robots for Distance Learning Enrico Boner Nicolai Waniek
MA: Event-based Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Raoul Hoffmann David Weikersdorfer, Nicolai Waniek
DA: SpiNNaker Interface Francisco Llobet Blandino Indar Sugiarto

(DA: Diploma Thesis, MA: Master's Thesis, BA: Bachelor's Thesis)