Hands-On Workshop on
Neurocomputing Systems

The workshop consists of parallel working sessions to explore neurocomputing technology and a mini symposium on Monday afternoon, where Ph.D. students can present their current research in neurocomputing ranging from hardware to algorithms. The 4 day working sessions will focus on real-time embedded / robotics applications, for which we will provide the neurocomputers SpiNNaker and IBM’s TrueNorth, various event-based vision sensors, multiple small mobile robots, and neuro-modelling software environments such as nest:: and Nengo.

Contributing research groups

In order of vicinity to TUM:

  • TUM ECE CoCs Neuroengineering, Embedded Systems, and Robotics
  • University of Ulm, Neuroinformatics (Prof. Neumann)
  • ETH Zürich, Institute of Neuroinformatics (Prof. Cook)
  • KIT / FZI, NeuroRobotics (Prof. Dillmann)
  • EPF Lausanne, Human Brain Project (Prof. Gewaltig)
  • Univ. of Manchester, Advanced Processors Technology (Prof. Furber)
  • University of Waterloo, Theoretical Neuroscience (Prof. Eliasmith)


Sunday 25.9.2016 noon - Thursday 29.9. 2016 noon


The beautiful Monastery Frauenwörth, Lake Chiemsee, 2h south-east of TUM