NeuroEngineering Networking Workshop 2015

TUM ETIT Center of Competence NeuroEnginnering.

Date/Time:Tuesday, 13th of January 2015, 14:00
Location:TUM Immatrikulationshalle

We have organized an informal get-together to discuss current and future projects in the context of NeuroEngineering at ETIT / TUM and nearby collaborators. We will start with ~1h of brief research presentations followed by an open poster + demo session. We are planning to have a very informal and highly informative session!

Some impressions of the event

© 2015 Ken Friedl


12-14harriving at “Immatrikulationshalle”, setting up demos and posters
14hBrief intro and update about current CoC activities
14h15-15h30Brief research presentations, about 5-6 minutes per group
15h30time for general questions, brief summary
15h45poster + demo sessions. The more interactive the better; if colleagues and visitors can touch and play with your research they much better understand its abilities.

at the latest end of event, most likely before

 Visitors are cordially invited to join the presentations and/or poster sessions!

Presentations and Demos/Posters

  • Medical Electronics
  • Theoretical Biophysics
  • Bio-Inspired Information Processing
  • Cognitive Systems
  • Audio Information Processing
  • Cognition and Neuronal Plasticity
  • Human Machine Communication / VESPA
  • Neuroscientific System Theory
  • Biological Imaging
  • Molecular Electronics
  • Nanoelectronics

Additional Groups with Posters / Demos

  • Dynamic Human Robot Interaction
  • Zentrum für Sensomotorik
  • Buhl-Strohmaier Research Unit for Paediatric Neuroorthopaedics and Cerebral Palsy
  • Robotics and Embedded Systems
  • Zoology